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How do I redeem YottaCash for USD?
How do I redeem YottaCash for USD?
Written by Jeff Johnson
Updated this week

Only YottaCash won from YottaBall drawings can be redeemed for USD at a rate of 1 YottaCash to $1 USD.

  • YottaCash earned any other way, such as YottaCash won from other games, as a bonus with a Token purchase, mail in request, APY accrual, YottClub, or loot boxes, are not eligible to be redeemed directly for USD.

  • You must play YottaCash earned from any of the above methods in the YottaBall game to get YottaCash eligible for prize redemption.

  • In the YottaBall game, you get 1 Ticket for every 0.05 YottaCash played. Depending on how many numbers your ticket matches, you can win prizes paid out in YottaCash, that is redeemable for USD on a 1:1 basis.

    How do I cash out my YottaCash won from YottaBall?

  • Simply navigate to the Account tab, click on “Manage” your YottaCash and cash out your redeemable YC won from drawings.

  • You can cash out to an external account or to a Yotta Savings account where you will earn at least 2% APY in YC.

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