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How can I earn Tokens and Tickets?
How can I earn Tokens and Tickets?
Written by Jeff Johnson
Updated over a week ago

Tokens are earned either through purchasing on the Play tab or through periodic login bonuses or Token top ups.

Tickets are earned via the following methods:

  • Receive Tickets as a free bonus when purchasing Tokens

  • Receive Tickets when entering no-cost giveaway contests on the Yotta social channels.

  • Receive Tickets by logging into your account when there will be periodic login bonuses

  • Free Mail-In Entry Method - Receive Free Tickets by sending a request by Mail.

  • Depositing to your Yotta Savings account - earn 1 ticket for every $25 saved.

  • Earn Tickets back on Yotta Debit and Credit card purchases.

  • Saving streaks

  • Referrals

  • Yott Club

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