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How does Moonshot work?
How does Moonshot work?
Written by Jeff Johnson
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Your mission is to escape the rocket before it explodes. The longer you stay in the rocket, the more tickets you win. If the rocket explodes with you still in it, you lose.

How to play?

🎟 Set your wager.

πŸš€ The rocket’s voyage is tied to a ticket multiplier. The longer the rocket flies, the higher the ticket multiplier grows.

πŸ† Eject before the rocket explodes and win that multiple of your wager. For example, if you wagered 10 tickets and escaped at 3.5X, you win 35 tickets!

πŸ’₯ If the rocket explodes before you escape, you lose your tickets.

βœ… Before the game starts, you will choose a pre set auto eject limit. Unless you choose to intervene and escape first, this limit will be applied. For example, if you pre set a 1.5X eject limit, as soon as the rocket hits 1.5x you will automatically be ejected. If the rocket crashes before reaching 1.5X then you will crash with it.

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