What is Ticket Storage?

You can save tickets for future use by setting a limit on the number of tickets that will be entered into a drawing each day.

For example, if you have 100 tickets in total and prefer to store 50 tickets for future use, you can set your Daily Ticket Limit to 50 tickets. Once set, only 50 tickets will be entered into future drawings and the remaining 50 tickets will be stored for future use when you choose to deploy them. In order to add more tickets into a drawing, you must increase your limit.

How do I use Ticket Storage?

Navigate to the Play tab and select Manage. You will then see the option to toggle Ticket Storage on or off. To activate, simply click Ticket Storage On and follow the instructions to set your daily limit. You can always turn Ticket Storage off by clicking "Ticket Storage Off". If you turn ticket storage off all your saved tickets will be deployed in the next drawing.

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