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How are tickets earned from Saving Streaks calculated?
How are tickets earned from Saving Streaks calculated?
Written by Jeff Johnson
Updated over a week ago

Saving Streaks tickets are determined based on your Streak Length and Savings Growth using the following method:

  • Tickets earned = Savings Growth X Boost %

  • Boost % = Streak Length Boost + Savings Growth Boost

Let's break this down:

First, depending on both how long you have saved and how much you have saved you will earn a percentage boost on your tickets earned. This is called your Streak Length Boost and Savings Growth Boost

  • Streak Length Boost - As the length of your streak grows, the boost percentage grows as well. The following chart shows the month by month boost percentage. For example, if your streak is 3 months, your boost percentage bonus is 15%.

  • Savings Growth Boost - As your bucket's balance grows from qualifying deposits your bonus boost percentage increases. For example, if your bucket balance has growth by more that $1,000 in a given month your bonus boost percentage will be 10%.

For example, if your Savings Streak is 4 months and you added $1,000 this month to your bucket, you will earn 300 tickets.

  • 30 % boost = 20% (streak length boost) + 10% (growth boost)

  • 300 tickets earned = $1,000 X 30%

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