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Yotta Credit Card features
Yotta Credit Card features
Written by Jeff Johnson
Updated over a week ago

With the Yotta credit card, you have access to these features:

  • Build Credit: We will report every purchase to the credit bureaus to improve your credit score with every purchase.

  • Security at your fingertips: Within "Card Settings" on the Credit Card screen in the mobile app, you can lock your card, set transaction limits, and more.

  • Earn a Yotta Box with every purchase: Credit Card Boxes contain up to 100% of your purchase in YottaCash. A trailing 30 day history of Boxes results can be found on the Transparency page.

  • Top Up: Every Sunday, automatically deposit the amount you spent in that week on your Yotta Credit Card from your connected account. Please note that if you have reached your daily or monthly deposit limits in the mobile app, then the Top Up feature will not be able to complete a deposit if the Top Up exceeds the limits.

  • Meal Tickets: Enable Meal Tickets and each transaction with the Yotta card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and a meal will be donated to a family in need. Yotta partnered with Feeding America to do this. You'll also earn an additional bonus ticket on every transaction.

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