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How do Daily number drawings work?
How do Daily number drawings work?
Written by Jeff Johnson
Updated over a week ago

Check out Daily Drawings below!

Every night at 9PM ET, 5 winning numbers and 1 winning YottaBall number will be revealed. All numbers range from 1-99. To draw the winning numbers, open your Yotta app any time after 9pm ET and you can go through the upgraded number drawing experience.

The more numbers you match on your tickets, the more prizes you win. The prizes can be found for the new Daily Drawings in the Prizes FAQ.

That’s it! Every day is an entirely new game and a fresh start.

You earn tickets at a ratio of $25 per ticket.

After you finish the nightly drawing, prizes will be paid to your Yotta account immediately, and your tickets for the next night’s drawing will be available to be picked. If you forget to view a night’s drawing, your prize will be paid out 7 days later. You can always go back and view a drawing from the previous 7 days if you missed it. Once viewed, your prize will be paid out right away.

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