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What is the I-Bonds bucket?
What is the I-Bonds bucket?
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Please note that at this time this feature is only available to existing Yotta members with an existing I-Bonds bucket.

The I-Bonds bucket allows Yotta customers to purchase US Treasury issued I-Bonds directly through the Yotta app! Just transfer money to your I-Bonds Bucket, and Yotta will handle the rest.

I-Bonds are a type of savings bond backed by the US government with a fixed interest rate currently at 6.89%. I-Bonds purchased now through April 2023 will have a 6.89% Interest Rate for 6 months. I-Bonds rates are adjusted semiannually. Future changes in rates are not disclosed by the US Treasury. You will be able to continue purchasing I-Bonds through Yotta after October at the rate designated at that time.

You can only cash out I-Bonds bucket funds after a minimum of 1 year. If you cash out after 1 year but before maturity, you'll lose the last 3 months of interest. Please click here to learn more about US I-Bonds or check out: What are I-Bonds?

Please note that By transferring funds to the I-Bonds Bucket through the Yotta Technologies Inc. ("Yotta") application, you are permitting Yotta to create an account and purchase US Treasury issued I-Bonds on your behalf through The I-Bonds will be held in your name. I Bonds can be purchased through April 2023 at the current rate of 6.89%. That rate is applied to the 6 months after the purchase is made. You cannot transfer less than $25 into the I-Bonds bucket. Please contact for direct access to your account. The I-Bonds Bucket is not sponsored, endorsed, affiliated, with Evolve Bank & Trust nor any of Synapse's bank partners.

We are not directly partnered with the US government. For more questions directly related to I-Bonds and what they are, please visit

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