Share Yotta by gifting any dollar amount to fund a new Yotta account from your balance, and both you and the recipient will receive 100 bonus tickets when the recipient makes a deposit.

When you give a gift, the dollar amount is deducted from your balance immediately and it is in pending state before the recipient accept, and successfully makes a deposit when completing the set up their own Yotta account.

How can I check the status of a gift or cancel it?

You can check to see if the recipient has accepted a gift by reviewing it within your transactions. If the gift displays as ‘pending’ the recipient has not accepted and completed setting up a Yotta account. While the gift is still in the 'pending' state you can cancel it and you will receive those funds back into your Yotta account like a deposit.

How does sending a gift impact my tickets?

Sending a gift does not affect your ticket balance in the current week’s contest, but it will impact tickets in future weeks.

What else should I know?

Giving a gift counts towards your referrals when the recipient signs up and makes their first successful deposit.

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