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Give Yotta as a Gift
Give Yotta as a Gift

This feature is in early access.

Written by Charlie
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Share Yotta by gifting any dollar amount to friends or family!

How does this work?

Navigate to the Account Tab (bottom right), click the gear icon in the top right, and then select "Share and Get Tickets". Then proceed to the button "Send a Gift" and follow the instructions. It's as simple as entering the recipient's email address and designating the amount you would like to gift!

When you give a gift, the dollar amount is deducted from your balance immediately and it is in pending state before the recipient accepts, and successfully makes a deposit when completing the set up their own Yotta account.

Once the recipient has made a deposit, they will have immediate access to the funds and receive 500 extra tickets for that night's drawing. You will receive 1,000 tickets for sending the gift.

How can I check the status of a gift or cancel it?

You can check to see if the recipient has accepted a gift by reviewing it within your transactions. If the gift displays as ‘pending’ the recipient has not accepted and completed setting up a Yotta account. While the gift is still in the 'pending' state you can cancel it and you will receive those funds back into your Yotta account like a deposit.

How does sending a gift impact my tickets?

Tickets will be removed from your account depending on the gift amount once the gift has been accepted. For example, if you gift $25 you will lose 1 ticket.

What else should I know?

Giving a gift counts towards your referrals when the recipient signs up and makes their first successful deposit.

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