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What are savings Buckets?
What are savings Buckets?
Written by Jeff Johnson
Updated over a week ago

Savings buckets allow you to segment your Yotta Savings account into separate "buckets", so you to to easily track your savings to meet different goals. Whether it's a vacation, education, bills, or even just for an emergency, savings buckets allow you to organize your savings goals without the need for multiple accounts.

Can I set up recurring deposits into a savings Bucket?

Absolutely. Recurring deposits are a great way to build your savings and get more chances to win. To set or cancel a recurring deposit into a savings Bucket follow these steps:

  1. Tap the "Settings" icon (the gear icon on the bottom right).

  2. Tap "Transfers".

  3. Tap "Recurring Transfers".

  4. Select from your existing Recurring Transfers or tap "New" to start a new recurring deposit.

  5. Choose which Bucket you would like the Recurring Transfer to deposit into- either your Core Account or a specific bucket.

  6. Choose an amount and a cadence for how often you want the automatic deposit to happen (for example, every week, every two weeks, or every month).

Are there limits on how many recurring deposits I can set up?

  • You can create up to 30 savings Buckets.

  • There are no limits on the number of recurring deposits you can set up to deposit directly into Buckets.

Can I set up recurring deposits between buckets?

  • You can. You can choose to set up recurring deposits between your connected bank account and a Bucket, or between any two buckets you've created.

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